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Our mission is simple: to provide quality alternatives to mass-produced chocolate whilst remaining accessible to all Malaysians.

Our story began when us 3 chocolate lovers, YS, YT and Chris, bemoaned to each other on the lack of accessible, quality chocolates in Malaysia. We had seen the amazing variety available in other countries. We saw a gap and decided to create a fun and local alternative to satisfy Malaysians' chocolate cravings. Plus, we got to eat our chocolates at the same time!

We began by signing up for chocolate making classes (where we were the only boys in the classes somehow). We spent years perfecting our recipes with our family & friends so you can get the best.

After years of tinkering in the kitchen, we were finally ready to launch Daun Chocolate to the world. Today, Malaysians have access to fun quality chocolates with a local twist. We have flavours such as cendol and milk tea as well as classics like cheesecake and hazelnut.

Our pralines and healthy nut-laden bars make the perfect gifts and snacks. We also cater for events such as weddings.

Daun Chocolate will continue to build on its mission to spread our gospel of quality chocolates at acceptable prices.


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